The word “forensic” makes most people think of one of the many popular crime scene television shows. In a lot of ways, what we at CÉVON do is similar. When we arrive at the scene, we're looking to provide forensic assessments for damaged buildings, properties and systems operating inefficiently.

CÉVON provides forensic analysis for operating and inoperable building systems.

Operating Building Systems: CÉVON has the capability to provide field verification data for energy efficiency savings projects. We have a vast array of instruments ranging from hot wire anemometers, electric power meters, recording thermometers and heat flux meters that help us accurately measure energy efficiency. Combined with our sophisticated and talented staff, CÉVON is positioned to provide our customers with an accurate analysis of how their facility’s energy related systems, both electrical and mechanical, are operating and what energy savings they can expect to see, or changes that need to be made to existing energy systems.

Inoperable Building Systems: CÉVON has the capability to provide extensive forensic engineering services. Recently, we've investigated building damage that resulted from hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma. CÉVON provided extensive forensic services in New Orleans, the Mississippi Gulf Coast and Florida. In addition to hurricane damage assessment, CÉVON is qualified to evaluate fire damage to buildings and structures.


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