At CÉVON we’re serious about reducing energy consumption. Businesses everywhere are trying to find ways to use cost-effective fuels and energy systems to run their organizations, without disrupting comfort, while improving the bottom line. We’ll provide an energy savings checklist that’s guaranteed to help you save both energy and money. Many states promote energy efficiency projects by buying down the associated cost of these projects through cost rebates. CÉVON includes the rebate procurement services to our clients where energy project cost rebates are available. Ask us about our Rebate Procurement Services.

CÉVON is committed to reducing energy use in commercial and industrial facilities, while maintaining or improving facility output. With a thorough knowledge of HVAC systems, electrical systems and basic thermodynamics, we provide engineering expertise to identify energy conservation measures (ECM’s) that will reduce the energy costs of a facility, inline with its design intent. CÉVON provides energy audit, design, development, install and/or project management services for the entire gamut of ECM’s, ranging from the more common ECM's such as lighting efficiency improvements to the more complex ECM’s such as cogeneration (cogen)/combined heat and power (CHP). CÉVON is constantly evaluating new technology breakthroughs to ensure our client base is provided with the most current technologically valid energy efficiency improvements for their facilities.


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